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  • Arafat Kabir

    Hi Alex;

    Are you THE ALEX-the hyper-polyglot whom I came to know on BBC today? If so, It is a real pleasure of mine to meet you as I am a Bangladeshi but can speak in four languages including Bangla, English, Hindi, Urdu and of course, French. I would like to learn German by basically self-learning process as I cannot find time to enroll German classes. Therefore, I am badly in need of your suggestion. I hope you’ll cooperate as we both share common love for Languages.

    I may have found you on Facebook and sent the same message there. So, if you have already read this message on Facebook, you can ignore this or vice versa.

    Thanking you;


  • Kevin

    I also saw you on the BBC website and was duly highly impressed. Would you consider learning Irish?
    Best regards,

    • Boris Espinoza

      Me too, i saw you on the BBC. Congratulations. Would you consider lerning Quechua from Ecuador??

      Best regards,