VIDEO: “Afrikaans Basics” (Polyglot Gathering 2014)

A few weeks ago I attended the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin, where I gave two talks: the first being a basic introduction to Afrikaans for those interested in learning it, the second about improving your reading and comprehension. The first of those is now available!


Q&A after talk on Afrikaans in Berlin

Unfortunately for this talk I was placed in the smallest room which had no video camera, faced out onto a construction site, and had no projector which meant that I had to show my slide on my laptop screen. There is some sound interference from the drilling outside and some noisy kids who were there for the first half, but try to stick with it!

Fortunately David James was kind enough to film the entire thing on his mobile phone and upload it to YouTube for me, so you’re able to watch it now! I have also made my powerpoint available online, so feel free to scroll through it alongside the video. You should be able to find it if you click here (may be a delay while it finishes uploading).

As iemand komentare het of foute merk, laat my asb weet! Geniet dit!

There were also some questions at the end about the use of Afrikaans vs English in South African universities. This is a very hot topic and Die Beeld has just published an opinion piece about a recent move to force Afrikaans-medium universities to use more English, which you can read here (net in Afrikaans).

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