Searching for Yiddish in Tel Aviv

I’ve been in Israel for nearly a week now, and I’ve really been taking full advantage of what the country has to offer. I’ve eaten falafel and hummus every day, my afternoons have been taken up with the beach, and I’ve spent tranquil evenings on the mirpesset (balcony) watching the sun set over the Mediterranean sea. In many ways this cosmopolitan …


Israel and the Balkans: getting ready for the summer

The summer is nearly upon us, and that means that we’re in for an exciting few months on RawLangs. You may have noticed that technically this is a “Language and Travel” blog, and you may wondering why we’ve had a lot of posts about the first, but not so much about the second. We’ve had a heavy year so far …

YouTube video: How to learn Yiddish with Dr. Khayke Beruriah Wiegand

I’ve just put up this brand new interview with my Yiddish teacher Dr. Khayke Beruriah Wiegand. We talk about how to go about learning Yiddish, through or classes or independently. She also gives some really powerful reasons why people should learn the language. We filmed the whole thing in Yiddish and I’ve put up English subtitles as well. Enjoy!