New YouTube video

I made my first venture into the world of YouTube today by making my own video. My friend Julia offered to help me out, so one afternoon we had a little chat in Russian, Hebrew and English about her life and what languages meant to her. According to my fluency classification as laid out here, Julia fits comfortably into Group 1. That is to say, she speaks three languages extremely fluently, but has not really had to study any of them in a conventional way. We talked a bit about this as well.

Also, in keeping with my last post, can you spot any changes that either of us undergo when we switch language? Julia said afterwards that she thought she looked more natural in Russian, then she thought she looked more natural in Hebrew, then that she looked more natural in English – I guess here we’re just dealing with someone who is truly trilingual, and tricultural!

Hebrew is at the top of my list of languages to improve in 2013. I found it quite hard to switch out of Russian mode, and found myself scrabbling for words that didn’t always come very naturally. However, more about Hebrew and my plans for the rest of the year to follow. Happy viewing!