Polyglot Project podcast interview with David Mansaray

The Polyglot Project podcast has interviewed 10 renowned language learners, which makes for fascinating listening.

The other day, David Mansaray and I had a little chat over Skype for his Polyglot Project Podcast. We met in November at the Poliglotti4.eu conference in Parma, where he asked me to speak on his show. We had a great conversation, and talked about a lot of fascinating aspects of language learning, such as the psychological process of language learning, experiences abroad, non-verbal communication and much more. David’s just finished editing this, and is now available for you to listen to on his website.

David’s website is full of great tips for learners of language or any subject, and has documented his own experiences learning Japanese and Spanish, and published other interviews with renowned language learners, and is definitely worth checking out.

I hope you enjoy listening, and if you have any thoughts, please feel free to share them with me in the comments box below!

Listen to the interview here!